Every person (and religion) must answer the question, "What made our world go so wrong?" Then there's another: "What will put things right?" Finally we face the most consequential question: "How can I be put right?" Below is a summary of our beliefs. 

Where did we come from?

We believe there is one true living God who exists from all eternity in the holy fellowship of Father, Son and Spirit. Christians call this the Trinity. God is love (1 John 4:16) and the relationship enjoyed within the Trinity is one of distinct persons loving each other with perfect unity. In other words, diversity joined in unhindered unity. 

Out of this eternal love, God created (and sustains) all things. He made all things good - that's important! - and the crowning achievement of his good creation was humanity. He created us, male and female, uniquely in his image, for his own glory, so that we might share God's love and have fellowship with him. Its almost impossible to imagine now, but in the beginning humans dwelled with our Maker in the good home he created. 

Why did things go so wrong?

Alienation came into the world through humanity's rejection of fellowship with God. With alienation came breakdown. Contrary to a romanticized Western view of "independence," our forebears' original sin was the worst kind of betrayal: we traded selfless God-love for vain self-love. The result was not pretty - hostility, decay and death. Humanity went into exile. Alienation and estrangement infected God's good world. And the result is that every human innately rejects God. So we rightly deserves his rejection of us. God-hostility is the origin of everything sad and broken in our world.

What will put things right?

But this is the amazing part. God responds - then and now - to human rejection like a wounded friend, hurt, yet determined to redeem the relationship. Our rebellion triggers his plan to restore fellowship. From Genesis chapter 4 and on, the entire Bible records the ongoing history of God's lavish promises called covenants, pointing to a day when he will replace our hostility with love. 

God kept every one of his covenant promises to win us back. But he did it in a surprising way. God, who had every right to renounce us, personally bore the burden of reconciliation by offering his very own son, Jesus Christ. Jesus came quietly and humbly, leaving behind perfect trinitarian fellowship in order to redeem exiles. He did this by becoming an exile himself! It was the ultimate reversal. Even though he was the world's author and king, he became its servant - teaching, healing, training, waiting, loving...and finally laying down his life to die for our sins on a Roman cross. Jesus Christ suffered and died in order to restore fellowship with alienated sinners. He rose from the dead to defeating the power of death. And this  changes everything. Anyone whose heart is captured by Christ's excruciating sacrifice and embraces his free offer of renewal receives God's mercy. Total restoration! Christians call this grace. This exchange is the essence of Christianity - God taking our animosity onto himself and transforming us from adversaries into beloved sons and daughters.

Jesus came to bring exiles home - BUT!! - this is only the beginning of redemption. Peace begins through God forgiving rebels, yet it ends with the reconciliation of all things on heaven and earth (Eph. 1:10; Col. 1:20; Rev. 21:7). When Jesus announced this, he called it the "good news of God's kingdom," and he inaugurated a new reign of justice, mercy and restoration. Since then, the Holy Spirit has been working through the church to advance God's kingdom until "the earth is full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9). We still await that promise - we wait for Christ to bring final peace and establish his kingdom once and for all. On that day - perhaps near, perhaps far - people from every tribe, tongue and nation will feast together in restored fellowship at the table of Jesus, rejoicing and singing in the new city, the dwelling place of the living God.     

How can I be put right?

Can you trust this? Where should you start? The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the core of Christianity and is the best place to begin. We believe this is a historical event. If the resurrection of Jesus did not happen in real time and space, then the Christian story of creation, betrayal, exile and restoration has no legitimate claim on your allegiance or affections. But if the resurrection did occur, and we believe there are compelling reasons to believe it did, then Jesus Christ deserves everything.

The more you study, pray and meditate on Jesus, the more his invitation to "come to my table" begins to sound like a homecoming. We pray it will be that for you. Our lives belong to this King and he paid the ultimate price to bring us home. We pray you might deepen in understanding his unconditional love and the restored fellowship he offers. We pray you might find your true belonging as a citizen of Christ the King's new city. Our hearts will find no greater satisfaction till we find our rest with him there.