One of the most noticeable features of life in the Jesus community...had been that the followers of Jesus took every opportunity to eat together.
— Andrew Walls, The Ephesian Moment

New City Fellowship is being planted among the neighborhoods of North Lake Highlands (Dallas), West Garland and East Richardson. In terms of ethnicity, economics and spirituality, this suburb is one of the most diverse regions of Dallas.

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Our Neighborhood

  • 13 miles to downtown

  • Population: 115,000

  • Median Income: $45,063

  • Demographics: Latino (36%), White (33%), Black (21%), Asian (9%)

  • Many Black, Hispanic and “diaspora churches” (e.g. Ethiopian Orthodox, Burmese Baptist, Korean Presbyterian, Vietnamese Catholic)

  • Multiple Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu houses of worship

  • Richland Community College (Enrollment: 19,200)

  • Corporate HQ for Texas Instruments and Fossil Group

  • Home to heavy industry, major road/rail arteries, large apartment complexes

  • Target Area: South of Beltline Rd (Richardson), East of US 75 (Richardson/Dallas), North of US 635 (Dallas), West of Shiloh Rd (Garland)